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Willow Tree_Grand Prairie Central Park (Texas), 2010

public art
dimensions: height 30 ft. x width 40 ft. x length 35 ft.

Reflecting on the water’s surface in which it stands, the Willow Tree rises along the lakeside promenade of Grand Prairie Central Park to evoke the impressionistic paintings of Claude Monet. Viewed from the promenade, this full-size Willow sways gently in the breeze, its handcrafted leaves making gentle sounds, the iridescent surfaces constantly changing with the atmosphere, catching light like the pointillist color fields of Georges Seurat: Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grand Jatte. Our ephemeral Willow is a singular centerpiece, universally recognized, highlighting the tradition of arts and crafts. The long-lasting materials render the Willow maintenance-free, only to be enhanced at night by soft illumination to evoke a dreamlike, weightless presence on the lake.

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Confetti Cloud_Bow Lake (Washington), 2013

public art
dimensions: L. 37 ft. x W. 15 ft. x H. 15 ft.

Cao and Perrot are interested in forms that reveal themselves through the imagination – as clouds do. Each of us sees something different in a cloud. What we see changes dramatically in different light, seasons and weather conditions. Confetti Cloud features a very special kind of glass from the Pilchuck Glass School in Stanwood, Washington. Over the 40-year history of this international center for contemporary glass art, tons of glass fragments have accumulated in Pilchuck’s private landfill. We harvested some of the discarded glass for re-use in the sculpture, evoking the story of Pilchuck and its profound influence in the art history of the Pacific Northwest. The artwork is intended to be integrated into the site of the Bow Lake Transfer Station facility, and to further an educational message about waste management, recycling of resources and diversion of materials from the waste stream. The excavated glass shards provide sparkle and color, reminding one of confetti blowing in the breeze.

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Pillow Field_White Center (Washington), 2010

public art
dimensions: 16.000 sq.ft. / 1,500 sq.m.

Permanent earthwork, covering 16,000 sq. ft. of slope, is nestled in four quadrants between the newly built pedestrian ramps connecting the Greenbridge mixed-income housing development to the Central Business District along SW 98th Street. Pillow Field is comprised of two hundred twenty-seven mounded earth “pillows” varying in size and shape to represent the multi-cultural diversity of White Center. The surface is unified by a soft blanket of creeping thyme, a perennial evergreen ground cover that will maintain the mound shapes and bring a burst of vibrant pink blossoming carpet in late spring through summer.

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Cocoons_Emeryville, Bay of San Francisco (California), 2003

temporary public art installation
dimensions: height 2,50m x diameter 1,25m ; height 3m x diameter 1,50m ; height 3,50m x diameter 1,50m

This temporary public art installation, sponsored by the City of Emeryville, California, was sited on a rocky point opposite the Golden Gate Bridge. Three spinning cocoons made with five miles of colored monofilament were wrapped around the laser cut stainless steel armatures fabricated by architect William Massie.

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